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Thread: off season traveling

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    Last year we were lucky with weather and visited NE - Maine, NH, VT - in early to mid October. Colors were great, crowds were gone from most areas. Got out ahead of the first snow on Oct. 22.
    We also enjoyed AZ in late April - early May. Rim country to Grand Canyon. Perfect temps, and we were at the North Rim when it opened for the season. CO mtns - Breckenridge to Steamboat - were beautiful in September, just after Labor Day. Plenty to do in all locations, without crowds to fight.

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    California is great for off season vacationing. September-October are great with good weather and no crowds.

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    Quote Originally Posted by grest View Post
    what are good spots to travel "off season"?
    Depends totally on you. If we are going somewhere that gets tornadoes or very warm we like to go in May or the end of September. Try to avoid the weeks of school holidays. For us it is just the opposite of what we had to do the past 25 years or so when our kids were in school and we both worked. Now no kids in school and we are retired. We do have to keep one or two school vacation weeks open though for taking our grandaughter.
    I live to vacation and vacation to live.

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    We love Lake Tahoe in late October or early November. After the crowds but before it starts getting cold. Sometimes the days are even hot (mid 70s) but the hiking is still great. Of course, you could get an early storm to mess with you. Spring (April-May) in Hawaii is good also, it is almost always nicer than where you started from...
    We have had to go back to the school schedule to plan trips with the grandkids, so not always in the shoulder seasons.
    BTW, we were in Yosemite a couple of weeks ago - not timeshare - and the waterfalls are SPECTACULAR this year. Worth the trip even if you have to fight the crowds.

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    Quote Originally Posted by JLB View Post
    Our first RCI week was a $99 getaway to Hot Springs in January, 1990. We had the place to ourselves. We had work to do, so took a trailer full of it, and sat in a condo there and did it.

    Somehow it felt better than doing it at home.

    Well, except for the snow/ice storm we drove back to Kansas City in.
    We do that all the time - we are just "at home" - living in another place, hopefully with better weather than at home = WARM
    7 years of fulltime timesharing, but slowing, we sold the house May 2008

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    Quote Originally Posted by ronandjoan View Post
    We do that all the time - we are just "at home" - living in another place, hopefully with better weather than at home = WARM
    Same with us, no season is off season. Follow the sun and warm weather, not the beach, just sun and warm weather. Everywhere is home

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    Florida is great for off season travel.
    You just gotta adjust your activities to the weather.

    In summer which is supposedly off season just stay at the beach.
    Not much else is inviting in the heat.

    Orlando visiting the mouse in spring and fall is great.
    Crowds are less and the weather is bearable for pools and parks.

    Winters in north Fl are cheap for escaping the snow although too cold to go in the beach.
    Lots of things to do.

    I vacation in my state year round.
    The timeshare lifestyle is great for anyone who lives in FL.

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