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Thread: my early timeshare days and how I learned

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    my early timeshare days and how I learned

    I was pondering today about my early timeshare days, before I knew anything about how it worked and only knew to beware of timeshare presentations. I found out about the site over yonder before we bought from a developer, thanks to that first group of contributors. Specifically, I was thinking of Fern Modena and all she taught so many of us. Were you part of the original group? How many are left? Whoever you may be, thank you!

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    I joined OY in 1997. My haircutter had told me about the resale market for timeshares, and we had bought our first, Vistana Orlando, resale prior to joining TUG. It was the old bulletin board format. I thought it was great and it opened a whole new world to me. It was there I learned about the South Africa tiger traders. I am still using those free RCI membership years!

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    Bought my first timeshare in 1973. Didn't even know what timesharing was, didn't know to beware of timeshare salesmen and presentations (ours was very low key). There was no resale back then.

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    I joined oy in 95. I am a fb friend of Ferns and she was still gets bday wishes on her page even after she left to find Jerry, lol. We bought our first ts in 96 and then when they became priced so low that people were paying the mf and all closing costs we snagged 16 more. Still have 7 - 8 weeks depending on how I use the points.

    The main thing I learned is that you need to be picky regarding what ts you snag. I like rtu's that expire in less than 10 years with low mf and a ts with a bit of resale value like WM that has trading power.

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    Compared to you guys we are soooo new to TSing, but love it and have used it to the limit, even having sold our house with NO backup place to go for 7 years.
    7 years of fulltime timesharing, but slowing, we sold the house May 2008


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    Bought in the 70's or early 80's at Waterville Valley in NH and rescinded the next day. Did some Florida trips and presentations in the 80's and bought my first mistake resale in Orlando. In 1996 bought 3 weeks at the Royal Resorts. Later got into Timesharing Today and in 1998 when we got our first PC joined OY and spent a lot of time on line there when I broke my wrist. Bought South Africa and found the mole or rat on the group that started there with a little help from a friend and the internet. Went to TSTips following the revolution OY and then migrated to TSForums after Tips went south. Miss a lot of the old gang that has left us one way or another and miss the Sunday night chats and the get togethers we used to have. Last meeting I remember having was the one Sharon set up in Southwest CT where I first met Big Frank in person. And who can forget the mud wrestling match with Fletch after the Marriott Boston meeting. Sold off all the timeshares in the first decade of the century and disposed of the one I inherited from my current Mrs. a couple of years ago. Bought five resales at my current resort and sold one of them. Thinking about going to 2 or 3 in the near future. Spending 2 week or so at my home resort and trading with the rest for now.

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    Please excuse me, I'm a Dick. Not a moron just a Dick
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    Own now for non-timeshare reasons and to get stuff for others.

    PS: It's hard to believe how suspicious some people are when you are getting nice condos for people for $300/week.

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    I came to the game late as an owner.
    I rented TS's for many years before finally taking the plunge.

    My first TS stay was in Maui in the late 80's at Napili Shores.
    I got it for some ridiculous price like $40 a night.

    After that I was hooked and rented at most of the SW Florida
    beach resorts until I finally bought some East coast beach units,
    one of which I still own and use.

    I've not been a big fan of weeks ownerships and own mostly
    points systems except for my own little tiger trader at CMV.
    I own way too much stuff but still force myself to enjoy my TSs.
    Luckily I live in FL where I can use these well into my old age.
    I may follow RonandJoan's lead and take this show on the road full time some day.


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