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We have been contacted by Fox Plaza Resorts about purchasing our Bluegreen time share. I was just wondering if anyone has heard of this company or if it is legit? The contact person is using a gmail address so that makes me wonder..... We have thought about getting rid of it because we honestly haven't been able to use it for the past 5 years due to our work schedules. Just curious if this is a "legit" company.
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I too have been contacted and own a timeshare resort @ Flagship. They offered me a nice fee of $9,700 but I have to pay the upfront fees to transfer county taxes, Title Search Fee and Money Transfer Fee .. about total of $198. But I am leary about paying anything upfront so I called Flagship and they informed me to be very careful that they believe it to be a Scam. His name is Gary Nolan and the company is Fox Plaza Resorts .. not much information on them on the internet .. quick and simple website .. not very comfortable with this so I will pass. If anyone finds out they are legit please advise. Thank You!
$198 x 10,000 for sending out an email turns into real money