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Thread: knives etc

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    knives etc

    Does anyone else get annoyed about knives that are simply not sharp? And without a potato peeler,, trying to pare vegetables with dull knives is not fun....

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    Many times the knives are too dull to do much good, but I never think to pack a paring knife with me.

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    On my list of things to pack is a paring knife and a peeler. Doesn't take up much room and cures a possible vacation annoyance. Checking off that list has helped with having just about all the necessities required.

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    We always bring a kitchen knife. Not a small paring knife, but a large one that we use just for travel.

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    I seldom have problems with any kitchen items.

    Knife-wise, we still have my set of Echo Arrowhead Cutlery, circa 1971, and they are still our go-to knives.

    We also still have my titanium/stainless steel waterless cookware and my Prudence fine china.
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    Yup, dull knives are no good. None of the timeshares I have visited had a knife problem. A few restaurants in Mexico had very dull knives. One was a steak house in Cabo where we took turns using my tactile pocket knife and the other was in Playa del Carmen where we sawed through with the knife provided. I don't order steak in Mexico to often so its not really a problem.

    We bought a set of Henkel knives last year. So far so good.

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    When I was an army cook we had a potato peeler in our mess hall, but when we were in the field we had to peel 50 pounds of potatoes by hand.. I found it a waste of my KPs time so I cooked and served them peels and all.. I never got any complaints

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    Quote Originally Posted by Luanne View Post
    We always bring a kitchen knife. Not a small paring knife, but a large one that we use just for travel.
    No problem with packing in your checked bag???

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    Quote Originally Posted by GrayFal View Post
    No problem with packing in your checked bag???
    Nope. It has a cover for the blade.

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    The best knife I ever used was at a timeshare. It was a big KitchenAid kitchen knife and I immediately ordered one on Amazon (you're welcome, Frank, lol).

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