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Thread: Please watch 60 Minutes Sunday. RE: H1B Visa Abuse

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    The abuse is a crock.

    But, it's a shame that all professional journalism has been brought into question.
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    I watched 60 minutes last night. I certainly do not agree with bringing in foreign workers to be trained so they outsource the jobs which seems what they are talking about. This is a gross abuse pf the H1B visa program as was also stated on the show.

    What needs to be done is enforce the H1B rules, not get rid of it. The purpose of the H1B visa was to allow highly skilled and educated workers to fill jobs that couldn't be filled by Americans. These workers that were on the show are definitely not in that category.

    There is a real shortage of qualified software engineers and the H1B fills that void. In fact it needs to be expanded. I get 2-3 emails and phone calls a week offering me software engineering jobs. Even when I tell them I am retired they still want me to go to work. If there wasn't a shortage, they wouldn't be calling a retired guy who is over 70. Also salaries have increased rapidly in Silicon Valley. There are many startups in Silicon Valley employing Americans that were started by engineers that came to the US on H1B visas. I worked for one of these.

    Yes, the abuse of the program needs to be stopped but don't eliminate the program. There was an article in a Canadian newspaper about the Canadian High Tech companies hoping that we stop the H1B program so the foreign engineers will go to Canada instead of the US. Many of those companies are branches of US companies like Microsoft, etc. The foreign engineers would rather work in the US but Canada is their 2nd choice and it will become their first choice if we stop them from coming here. That will result in a decline in the High Tech industry in the US. I don't think we want that to happen. There are 45,000 Canadian engineers working in the US. Most of these are on TSN visas that come under NAFTA.

    One thing we should do is change immigration so it is merit based like it is in Canada. You get so many points for education, job skills, age ( younger is better ), etc. You have to get a certain number of points to apply for immigration. I don't want to get too political but President Trump does favor the merit based system.

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