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Thread: how and when did you become involved in timeshare?

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    Our first tour was at OLCC. That is where we first heard of RCI and watched the video, in what is now the West Village clubhouse. There was no thought that there would ever be more than what was there, the studios in the Clubhouse and the Golf Villas. Of course, over the years, OLCC became dear to us.

    Our second tour was Wastegate Vacation Villas. It was a clubhouse, Bldgs A & B, an exit tent, and a lot of mud. In the exit tent we were asked, "Other than money . . ." The guy was from Iowa, so that was my downfall. He scheduled a waffle breakfast for us for later in the week at a little step-sister of a resort, Club Orlando.

    What we bought there is long gone, same as the resort. It did not wait to become a legacy resort.

    Yada, Yada, Yada, and here we are almost 30 years later, having bought two weeks in the last year for non-timeshere reasons. We're down to 2 others we have to get rid of.
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    week 52, 1999. Our second visit to Barrier Island Station Duck with BIL/SIL over the holidays. It cost me $3500 to find out that a 3bdr week 51 on the outer banks was the worst trader in the history of traders. That got me to over yonder and and then here and then after using some great advice to dozens of awesome vacations

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    My intro was on Maui when I rented a TS called Napili Shore on a vacation in the late 80's.
    The resort was so nice and the rental so cheap I couldn't believe it.
    I rented it from II's rental arm before I knew who it was called Condo Direct back in the 80's.
    They used to have an ad in the Entertainment coupon books for hotel and resort rentals.

    Then when I got back home I started renting them on the SW coast of FL for many summers.
    Finally decided to buy a couple on the East coast of SE FL so I could work and staycation.
    I still own one of those TS's and always use it and never trade it.
    It's right on the beach. You walk out the door and right into the sand.
    It's been a very affordable resort for all these years with never a special assessment.
    I still only pay $650 for a week in mid summer in a 2 bedroom 2-1/1 bath.
    It's my happy place along with Disney. www.eiresort.com
    I bought it to use. It's a converted motel from the 50's, built like Fort Knox.
    I bought it on ebay back in the day when there were no pictures on ebay.

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