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    Hai friends

    I am planning for an adventurous trip of 1 week. I would like to know which would be the best place for that. Could anyone suggest the best place,.

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    New Orleans
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    What type of adventure? Do you mean like rafting and rock climbing and sky diving?

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    Hi everyone. I am a new member here. Nice to meet you all.
    Jeffreywalla, it's a great idea

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    Hi Jeffrewalla!! It’s nice to hear you are going to plan an adventurous trip. But you did mention what kind of adventure? If you mentioned it then I could suggest a best place for adventure trip. But here i'm mentioning best place for the tour. Ireland in the Europe is the most dangerous place. It is commonly said, it is a adventure paradise. It is hard to climb up the green cliff, rocky and rough mountains. Imagine spending your days getting lost in the green and striking cliff and rolling hills,will make your trip memorable. Have a great adventurous trip and must share the photographs.

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    If you wanna ask about USA best adventure's place then i would recommend you to go to West side of the USA that mostly had all of the beauty of nature along with many challenges and adventurer spots for a nature sightseeing lover. Have you ever been to???


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