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Thread: When things go to crap

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    When things go to crap

    I might write a country song about my last week. I went out for a snowmobile ride with a couple of buddies and this year the snow is epic. We get about 20 miles from the snow park area and our sleds are doing great. We are just having a blast ripping up the deep powder. Anyway, we keep going and both of my buddies get stuck. This is usual. We dig out the sleds and lift them up, then pull on the ski to get them to go forward while the rider gasses it. I help on three stuck sleds and twisted my shoulder on the last sled.

    As we take a break and decide what to climb next, I decide because I'm heading to Mexico this week, that I will head back to the truck and wait as my back is starting to hurt. We agree that they would climb and ride Red Saddle which should take about an hour or two. I'm riding back alone and start gagging and just feel like crap. It took me 45 minutes to get to the snow park.

    Long story short, I get home and feel even worse. I'm thinking I really twisted something in my shoulder. Saturday night I go to bed after taking a nap all day which, seemed odd. About 12:45 am my dog Rex is poking me with his head while I am dreaming Billy Joel is singing Anthonys Theme. I roll over and start to nod off. Rex starts poking me harder and he is moaning louder while I am dreaming of Freddy Murcury singing Shear Heart Attack. I wake up and my chest and shoulder are throbbing so my lovely wife takes me to the ER. She wanted to do this much earlier but I didn't think I was having a heart attack.

    Get admitted and in about 20 minutes I am told I had a freaking heart attack. They are taking me elsewhere very fast. I get to the next room and within 45 minutes had three stints installed.

    I was told everything looked good but now I am going to restricted, for at least a year, on some of my more physical activities. This sucks. My heart function improved while I was in the hospital but I had some kind of inflammation going on that was causing pain. The cardiac doctor is a friend and neighbor of my late father in law and knows my wife. He was showing me that while I lost some function, that function was coming back. He also said since I have a bit of pain while everything looks good that could be a sign of healing.

    Anyway, my heart was functioning at about 60% last echo, which is in the normal range. I am going to have to ask if that means normal for all people or just people with procedures.

    I had a lot of visitors and fell asleep on them just so they would go away. People that I had thought did not like me one bit showed up. I got a pile of food out of the deal.

    I had to bag the trip to Playa del Carmen. My wifes sister is now in charge of the two weeks of resort condo and the other sisters and friends are all heading down.

    So I'm stuck in an Ice Storm covered valley and not able to head out for now.

    crap !!!

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    So sorry to hear this, but I'm glad they took care of the problem. It could have been much worse. Good luck.

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    Crap happens but it sounds like you are on the mend. Take it easy and recover quickly.

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    That is a crap week. Get well soon!!

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    M. Henley

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    Yeah wow! So sorry. You really old people have it rough . . . but at least you have effective health insurance.
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    Sorry to hear of your problems ~ and glad that things are looking better now. I'll wait for your song ~ you have nothing but time now!!
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    So sorry, glad you are improving

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    Things DIDN'T go to crap! Face it, you have a heart problem and could have died. Now you are on the mend and can look forward to many good things in the future. 3-1/2 years ago I went thru something similar with my wife, only she didn't make it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by stan2u View Post
    Things DIDN'T go to crap! Face it, you have a heart problem and could have died. Now you are on the mend and can look forward to many good things in the future. 3-1/2 years ago I went thru something similar with my wife, only she didn't make it.
    Bummer Stan, sorry for your loss.

    I'm certain I will get through this, but even so, I feel like crap now and this thread is about my crappy week, which I guess in your perspective, is not so crappy.

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