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Thread: When things go to crap

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    I'm glad to be done with 2017. I only missed one trip in January because of the heart attack. Missed work, but didn't really miss working, pretty much all 2017. Was a bit freaked out to go to the Oregon Coast and Loreto because I felt odd. Turns out it was the tumor in my gallbladder they found late October. About two weeks ago they took the gallbladder and this week end I felt pretty good after a six pack and hanging out with a group of friends. I have my fingers crossed that the gallbladder removal is the end of the story. I find out this week. Since no one called I think that the no news is good news dealio applies.


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    Good luck, Bill - I hope 2018 treats you well.

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    Good health to you in 2018, Bill.

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    Good health for 2018

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    A better 2018 should be in store!!
    M. Henley

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    Thanks everyone !! The stitches are out. No problems detected. In four more weeks I can start resume regular activities. Heading to Mexico next week to see my dentist. Just traded a 241 dealio with SFX. 2018 is looking better.


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    Good...............Lets keep looking up..............
    Perpetual Motion ~ Going Nowhere Fast!!

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    Sorry to hear this, but glad you are on the mend !!

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