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Thread: Mt Olympus

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    Mt Olympus

    they are starting a new attraction this winter, an ice castle

    but the bad news side

    conflicting reports that boy was a guest of the park, which could mean staying at Bluegreen Odyssy or paid public admission to go in, but he climbed a fence to get on closed outdoor section.

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    I heard about that in the news this morning. It sounds like barriers were in place, but the kid went around/over.
    I do hope the parents take responsibility.

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    Yes he climbed a fence. Knowing how high the slides are, filled with snow, curving and twisting, to go down on a snow saucer is really risky.

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    The boy was from Florida and the first experience with snow, probably didn't realize it isn't fluffy all the time. They were staying at either hotel Rome or oddysey for Christmas

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    Another death this weekend when a young man fell to his death jumping on the pillars in front of the hotels, thirty feet high.


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