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Thread: Scuba with Seasport Divers in Kauai

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    Scuba with Seasport Divers in Kauai

    Just returned from a couple of weeks of diving in Kauai. We did 8 dives with Seasport Divers in Poipu. The best and worst dive was the Sheraton Caverns. My buddy Jeff adjusted my bcd on my first dive by unscrewing the air bladder dump. I sank pretty fast and couldn't stay buoyant for very long. Resurfaced after 10 minutes and fixed the problem then grabbed another tank and down I went. This first dive was on a cloudy day making everything underwater look dark and dead. I decided I never wanted to dive Sheraton again.

    The very next day my buddy Jeff decided that I had my bcd too high on the tank and he adjusted it way higher to the point it was banging the back of my head. I had to remove my bcd and readjust this during an eighty foot drift dive. It was a pretty cool drift.

    The next dive my buddy Jeff pulled my tank strap to make sure it was tight on a buddy check. Needless to say the strap came loose and my tank started to move. I had to remove my bcd again to fix this in about 60ft of water.

    All of the following dives I made certain that Jeff didn't touch my gear for any reason.

    On our last dive we had an older couple that had dived for years go out with us. They were in group 1. The older woman couldn't get her flippers on and decided to not dive. The older guy did fine and I met him at the safety stop. I stopped at about 18 ft and he was above me a full body length. We get back on the boat and this older guy started to puke. Then about 10 minutes during our surface interval he started to sweat in an odd way and complained of dizzinesses and a sudden headache. We got him comfortable and headed back to the dock. Captain Andrew wanted to call an ambulance to meet us at the dock but this guy kept refusing until most of the divers outvoted him. This likely saved this mans life. As the ambulance crew removed him from the boat he began to puke again and was moving on the gurney in a mildly convulsive way.

    With very little time left to travel to our intended dive site we ended up back at Sheraton Caverns on a sunny day. What a difference light makes. The entire area seemed vibrant and alive. Our guide took us on a few tight squeeze tunnels that end up in schools of brightly colored fish of all kinds. Saw an octopus and many turtles. One turtle seemed to be a rock as I went through a tunnel that connects lava tubes. When it moved it really freaked me out as it took up all of the space in that tunnel. Another turtle followed us around and appeared every time we went through a lava tube. Bottom time was very good here. Sheraton Caverns is currently my favorite Kauai dive site. Even so, Kauai diving isn't nearly as good as Caribbean diving , imo.


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    oh wow, we are planning to dive kauai out of Poipu this summer, now I'm not so sure!

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    Jeff is my friend who traveled with us to Kauai. He is a rescue diver and a smart a** prankster and is not affiliated with the dive shop. The one thing I noticed regarding the dive sites is that light really brings out the colors. The ocean floor in this area looks very different from the Caribbean. You should go for the Sheraton Caverns as it is a shallow dive with no safety stop really required, but even so, I like safety stops and do them on all dives.

    If your worried about the older guy, he did not do a proper safety stop. He grabbed the guide rope fine and was above me. His head was only in 6-8 ft of water as he was about 6 ft above me. This was a deeper dive with current. He also didn't use nitrox and stayed down with the rest of us who did meaning his bottom time should have been less than ours. Yup, diver error and he was told by the guide that he would not have the same bottom time as our group. He did stay down as long as me as I am an air hog, but I was using nitrox.

    The afternoon dives are for beginners and those that feel rusty. The morning dives are all advanced. Most of the divers in our group were over 60 and one couple in their 70's. Jeff and I were the young guys in this group in our 50's , lol.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Glitter Brunello View Post
    oh wow, we are planning to dive kauai out of Poipu this summer, now I'm not so sure!
    You know what I think, I would not dive Poipu unless I was already going to Kauia. There is very little coral and the fishing charters have destroyed the quantity of different species of fish, making it very lifeless compared to other areas that are protected. I watched as a local caught a morey eel off a small boat and kept it. While I do enjoy sport fishing I think that diving in an area where sport fishing is allowed creates a real lack of underwater life and totally disrupts the ecosystem.

    I doubt that I will dive Poipu again. The next Hawaii dive for me will likely be Molokini where fishing is not allowed.


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