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Thread: Club 36 Las Vegas rooms update

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    Club 36 Las Vegas rooms update

    Some nice updates have been made to the Club 36 rooms. Looks to be new carpet, plus they have updated the 'soft goods', couch, bedding, curtains, etc. The bench at the table has been replaced by a chair (much nicer imo). There is a new lamp over the table.

    They have also updated (I guess it can be called that) the toiletries. They are using shea butter for the shampoo and soap. Not a plus for me, but many will like it. Of course, when I can use a bar of soap for a shampoo, high end doesn't make a lot of difference to me.

    I am now using a cane (total knee replacement coming in December) so they were able to get me a room somewhat close to the elevator. That helps with less walking.

    So, anyone going to Vegas can enjoy a nicer room.

    But on the down side, no goodies at check in.

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    But is it comfortable? One of my pet peeves is how uncomfortable most of the furniture is.


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    I'm surprised anyone puts it in "public" accommodations any more. It is so unsanitary and the choices of gorgeous hard flooring are plentiful and inexpensive.

    But, speaking of resorts redecorating, there is a thrift store in Branson that gets a lot of the "old and used" furniture and fixtures . . . and we have wound up with some very nice stuff, for very little.
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