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    New York

    I want to go to new york for travel,but I am not sure which place is worth to travel.Do you have any suggestion?

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    What kinds of things do you like doing? New York has it all. Do you want city, country, mountains, ocean, lakes, concrete? A little of both? It's a big state.

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    New York can offer you anything you want. So it depends on your tests.

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    Hello! There are many tourist spots in New York where you can spend your great time. But I would suggest you to visit Brooklyn Bridge. It is an amazing bridge. This historic bridge grabs the attention of the tourist. You can enjoy the view of Statue of the library, The East River and Manhattan from this bridge. There is a way for the pedestrian to walk and to take photographs from the height. You can enjoy its views from many sides but the best way is to walk over the bridge. If you cannot walk up the whole distance then biking is another option. So must visit this bridge.

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