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Thread: Good news, airmen: The Air Force is posting all of your basic training photos online

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    Good news, airmen: The Air Force is posting all of your basic training photos online

    Did you go through U.S. Air Force BMT after the creation of the modern Air Force? Whether you passed through Lackland in 1947 or 1997, the Air Force is making your memories available online for all to see.
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    I am in this photo. Those of you that may have had the pleasure of meeting me, see if you can spot a young airmen.
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    I am tron between the 2nd row right end and the 3rd row 3rd left
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    Second row from the bottom all the way on the right
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    Brings back memories. I went through in 84

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    Bill, I don't think I could have picked you out but once you said it, yup, that is a much younger you!

    Nice to have those memories available online.

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    Billy, thanks for this! I posted the link on a couple of genealogy boards that I follow on FB, and people are really excited about it. Some have been able to find husbands and fathers. Everybody says thank you!

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    It really is interesting to take a look back and see all of the men and women that went thru Lackland Basic Training. I do have the original photo at home. But I sure do enjoy sharing the memories.

    Sad thing is I remember the faces, and wonder where these guys are these days. I don't remember the names.

    I have connected with some old buddies on FB that I got to know at McGuire AFB. Some of those guys made a career in the USAF, and have since retired from the service.

    As for me... I could not wait for the 4 years to be done.
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