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Thread: Great White Shark / Hilton Head

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    Great White Shark / Hilton Head

    Just to let you know a 2500 lb great white shark was caught yesterday off the coast of Hilton Head. They tagged it and let it go. Heads up.
    Think I'd stay in the pool. shaggy

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    I got the worst jelly fish sting bite from man of war in Hilton head. It took months to recover. I do not think i can recover from a great white bite
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    I will be there in 2 weeks. I am sure it is too cold to go beyond knee high so I think I will be safe.

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    I'm curious how far out from shore it was caught. Oh, here ya go... "within cell phone distance" of shore...

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    and the depth of the water was 30 ft so I will be definitely be ok, although we do have a dolphin cruise scheduled for one day but i'm sure if the captain sees anything that seems dangerous he will turn the other way rather than spend 7 hours trying to hook and bring the thing aboard.

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    I haven't seen one in person. So I'm really curious how would I react upon seeing one.

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    You don't have any great whites in the Philippines ?

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    LOL Tony! Good catch


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