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Thread: Interesting Ebay Activity

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    Interesting Ebay Activity

    So my wife was telling me about a bluegreen facebook post that mentioned some really high bids on Ebay lately for some bluegreen properties.



    I dont know if anyone here is looking at these, and I am trying not to be a "tin hat"....


    all three of these are listed by the same seller.
    that seller just started selling on Ebay in Jan 2016.
    the bids are set to private listing, so no one can see the user bid history.
    these have been bid up very high early in the process. While some of these prices are not abnormal, the bidding process on Bluegreen on Ebay is usually (but not always) to go up on the last day of the auction. (typical of most ebay auctions).

    So if you happen to be looking at these...could be something up


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    Did you happen to click "Show Automatic Bids"?
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    Quote Originally Posted by JLB View Post
    Did you happen to click "Show Automatic Bids"?
    I did, it still just showed private listings with some as automatic bids.


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