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Thread: Total BG Owners 2013 & 2016. Broken into ownership levels (Premier)

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    Wyndham threatened that change but was unable to come up with tracking software to associate the points with the reservations in the precise way needed for that change. As long as they allow points to qualified and unqualified points to exist in a single account I don't see that level of tracking happening with bluegreen. I also think the number of metal level owners with additional unqualifed points isn't great enough to make the change cost effective.

    For the true black sheep bluegreen experience, you could be a deeded week owner without any points like me.

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    Looking at the BG web interface, and specifically the points section, they seem very adept at determining which contract to take points from first, based on expiration dates for seasons, and saved points, etc. I dont see it being a huge leap for them (Since they know which backing deed the points came from) to track this.

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