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Thread: Ricardo Lockette: the unrecognized hero of BeastQuake 2.0

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    Ricardo Lockette: the unrecognized hero of BeastQuake 2.0

    I was looking at video of the Marshawn Lynch's BeastQuake 2.0 run vs. the Cardinals in Week 16 couple of years ago. And I noticed how much it was aided by Ricardo Lockette.

    As the play starts, in the first two seconds Lockette comes down from the wide-out right and seals off the Cardinals safety Rashad Johnson (#26) who is coming in for the tackle. Although Lockette doesn't actually throw a block, he stops Johnson's progress, which allows Lynch to cut to his right unimpeded.

    As the play continues downfield, Lockette follows along Johnson. At 0:08 he blocks Johnson again as Johnson is moving in to force Lynch out of bounds. This time he puts Johnson on his ass on the sidelines.

    Finally, he sprints downfield to catch up to the play again, and as Lynch nears the end zone he seals off Antonio Cromartie. No wonder the Seahawks like him.
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    I was rooting enthusiastically for the Vikings last weekend.

    We will see how the 'Hawks fare against Cam Newton
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