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Thread: How can I get out of my Silverleaf Timeshare

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    How can I get out of my Silverleaf Timeshare

    I have a Timeshare with Silverleaf. I hate it. I want to get rid of it. How can I get rid of it?

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    A lot of that going around.

    Folks here don't like me talking about this topic. But. . .

    You need to post more information. Is it paid for? Where's it at? What is it . . . unit size, week, etc. Paid for? Fees current?

    I've been somewhat familiar with Silverleaf for 15 years or so, enough to know it is a Texas-based and oriented mini-system with a couple of resorts in the Branson area. When I was more active in timesharing, and Internet forums, I knew several Silverleaf owners. There's still some around on forums.

    Post more info and let's put a gameplan together, since I've done so good at getting rid of our 6 unwanted weeks.

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    Orange Lake purchased Silverleaf resorts.. She'll want to start at the beginning, as the transfer process and costs may not be the same any longer.

    Call the resort management (the phone number will be on your last m. fee bill) and ask them to email you the transfer requirements.

    If you don't have a mortgage or owe any outstanding fees - post a liquidation ad at and offer the timeshare for free to anyone that will assume the maintenance fees..

    Silverleaf Resorts have always had a higher maintenance fee than some. With Orange Lake assuming control, owners should expect renovations and improvements to be planned at some of the properties- which could further increase the financial obligations of timeshare owners. Also, once the sales and marketing team begin to pressure Silverleaf owners to convert to Holiday Inn points- we'll likely see more "sellers" come into an already flooded resale market. In the future things will settle down and maintenance fees should stabilize, but the next few years may be a bit bumpy...
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