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Thread: "Owner Update" / Sales Questions

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    "Owner Update" / Sales Questions

    Hi, as a forum newb!
    My wife and I own 2 BG Timeshares, each 7000 points, so 14,000 every other year. And have been 99.9% Happy with BG. Recently we attended an update, which is really a sales pitch, but that's OK we were considering the idea of more points or even yearly points.

    So into hour 4 of our "2 hour meeting" we are made and offer to go to Bronze status. They point out what a great deal i t is, and even show us we have all these points already what a great vacation we could have next year. The problem #1 is I know fo a fact we don't get our points till next year and they are manipulating them to make a sale, I ask and am told "must be a computer error, just go with it" Problem #2 is a I have, like I said 2 properties which are more then half paid off. They tell me how they want get me to bronze with a lower interest rate and one loan and I'll be paying like $1.85 per point. No mention is made on my traded in deeded property that they offered me NOTHING for other then to take it back, so the real cost of the points was much higher since I feel I'm really only paying to go from 14k to 18k or whatever bronze was.
    Regardless I didn't like the idea of they take what I paid for and I get nothing, except for a bigger loan. By hour 6 it was obvious that I wasn't buying and they began to literally yell at us, holding up our income papers shouting "look what you make, you can afford this" "you just don't want to", "You just need to cut out some other bills in your life".
    Upon getting back to our room we logged onto the BG site and found as suspected we didn't have any of these imaginary/ accidental points. Way to go BG for making happy customers unhappy.

    Either way, not sure what I should do now. Unhappy with BG sales. Have enjoyed our vacations with them, but refuse to give back what I paid for to get nothing in return. Any ideas?? Thanks!

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    1. Consider not going to updates. We rarely go to more then 1 a year, and let them know early that we are there for the update, and they will ~NOT~ be making a sale on this day. As soon as the required time is up, politely but firmly state you have plans for the day, and its time to go.
    2. If you enjoy the BG travelling, and are looking for more points, consider resale. I have 11K annual "developer" points, and another 18K a year that I may of invested $300 in to acquire. Since you already have the developer perks, adding points is a very economical way to travel more.
    3. Different people have different levels of ownership based on their travel needs. Examine the real reasons you would want to move into a bronze or silver package. What advantages does it get you, and over the lifetime of your vacations, is it worth the cost to you. For some its well worth the investment, for others, its not. Its a choice that you have to make based on what you want out of BG.

    There is not alot of love for the sales tactics of BG anywhere, so you are in good company . (btw, I was told 7 years ago that the ownership levels were going away, and it was my "last" chance to get grandfathered in..the ummm..mis-truths...flow like a creek in april).

    Hope you enjoy your travels with BG!!



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