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Thread: Want to sell/give my Shell timeshares away but they are points not deeded property.

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    Want to sell/give my Shell timeshares away but they are points not deeded property.

    I want to sell/give my Shell Vacation timeshares away (1 CA and1 HI) but the title says they are a specific number of points and don't mention deeded proportional use of a property. Is there a difference and if so what? Does this make it more difficult to transfer to a buyer? I am finding that most title companies wont handle the transfer since it isn't real property.
    Any information will help.

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    Shell Vacations were sold as both non-deeded memberships, and as deeded ownerships. They also were sold as either perpetual ownership or as a right to use with a specific expiration date. The transfer process varies for each type- but none were that difficult. There are a number of timeshare transfer agents who can assist with either process if needed, but if it is not deeded you'll find the transfer process itself is easy to do on your own.

    You can find an old post going through the transfer process at The archive posts can be difficult to read since some of the data doesn't transfer properly and it's hard to tell what parts are quotes and what parts are new info. However, if you scroll down that page, you'll see a post with a clear description of the process.

    I wrote that before Wyndham bought out the Shell Vacations product. However- that post should still give you a fair understanding of the general process involved.. You will want to contact your resort management company and ask for an info sheet on the current transfer process. Once you get that, please share the info here so we have an updated post with the new info.

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