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Thread: Want to give away my Bluegreen membership.

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    Want to give away my Bluegreen membership.

    Very happy owner since 1996. I no longer need to own. I would like to give away my 10K annual membership deeded at Solara Surfside week 13 or 22. I had a buyer lined up to take over the membership but have been told if the purchase price is not $18000 the charter membership privleges will not carry over and she was looking forward to the bonus time reservations. The transfer fee is $450 (roughly) with Bluegreen and the 2016 Maintenance fees are due 11/15. If you are interested please let me know. I do have 10000 points available now and the new 10K come in on 06/01/16

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    Can you post more details about your ownership.


    Trust Fund:
    Sales Type:
    Maintenance Fees:

    FYI, bonus time is good at your home resort in the BG system so your buyer would have bonus time at Solara.

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    What is "Sales Type"? I know what TF & MF are...


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