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Thread: Wristband resorts do you know them?

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    Wristband resorts do you know them?

    This is my first post on here & we are looking for help.
    Anyone heard of this company?
    We are desperate to get rid of our timeshare as we are too old to go to Florida now (we haven't been in years) & the maintenance cost are very high. We are no longer with RCI either.
    This company has contacted us to say they can at least get us some holidays rather than nothing but I cannot find anything about them & as we have been taken for lots of money in the past (saying they have a buyer or can exchange) we dont want to go with it until we are sure.
    Thank you

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    Do NOT give this company ANY money, or sign any papers, until you have researched them carefully. The vast majority of these companies will take your money and do absolutely nothing for you. I am not familiar with the company you are talking about.
    There are some companies (called on these boards PCC, or postcard companies) that will take your timeshare for a fee, and then dispose of them on ebay. Some people figure this is worth the expense just to get rid of it.

    What resort do you own, and what week? You might be able to give it away free and save yourself money. Give us some details please.

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    You might first contact your resort to see if they have a deedback program of any kind. I never heard of wristband resorts until you posted today. Sounds like we will take your timeshare and get you some vacations for a few thousand dollars.

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    They seem to have a website and are located in England. Know nothing about them.



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