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Thread: How far out for various deposits in RCI?

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    How far out for various deposits in RCI?

    A friend was asking me about this...

    Do we have a central list of how far out various systems make their deposits into RCI? If yes, please link, thanks!!

    For example, I see that Worldmark is now available through March - is that consistent?

    What about DVC, Wyndham, Bluegreen, etc?

    If we don't have it somewhere already, let's do it

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    I don't think there is a central link. DVC has patterns but there are outliers and the patterns themselves change and evolve over the years. Same with Worldmark and Wyndham but they seem to be more consistent, there are times of large bulk dumps but not all resorts in those systems follow the same dump pattern as the rest of the resorts in the system. Bluegreen does bulk but I haven't followed closely enough to know if they do a system wide bulk at the same time or bulk different resorts at different types. Unlike the other systems that are usually in the 6-10 month period, Hilton often bulks very early. I've seen summer Hawaii come in 18 months in advance along with 6 months on either side.

    Of course most of these systems also have deeded owners that can deposit anytime up to 24 months in advance for fixed and 12 months for most float weeks.

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    Wyndham seems to bank one month at a time, approximately 7-8 months prior to check-in. The timing is important; owners have home resort priority between 13-10 months prior to check in. At 10 months, Club bookings open. So, by the time RCI deposits go in, the most popular resorts/seasons/sizes are already fully booked by owners. That still leaves plenty of opportunities for exchange, but for truly prime stays you will want to arrange a direct exchange or rent from an owner.

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    These developers keep changing things up a bit just to keep us on top of our game.
    I just picked up a Wyndham week in the Smokies for November and there were several units in there for that week.
    So Wyndham is doing them later in some places as this was a bulk of November thru March units.
    And they are almost all on sale too, down to 5-10 TPU's.

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    That does happen for units lower in demand---I've seen it shoulder season in Bonnet Creek as well. But, I would not count on it.


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