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    Lake Chelan

    Usually, the weather is decent in late June at Lake Chelan. This year it was too hot. The fishing was tough. Its a deep water dealio for the Lake Trout and Salmon. We fished 200 - 350 ft deep. The problem is when it gets hot the fish bite really soft. So soft you really don't notice it. We were using down riggers with 10 pound balls. We did fish in other water colums but it seemed that the big ones were deep. My buddy caught a 17 pound land locked chinook salmon and a couple of days later he caught a 22 pound mac. Both were taken with an 11 inch chartreuse dodger with a short skirt pink squid on 2/o hooks.

    I ended up taking our grand daughters out because they were bugging me to take them fishing. I figured their best shot would be a carp or whatever in the shallow water. I took a small cast master chrome lure behind the boat about 70 feet and while the girls were messing around my youngest hooked up. The problem was that she had some how got the line wrapped around her neck and I didn't know she had a fish on. I unwrapped the line and thought she was snagged on the weeds. Nope, she had a fish. She reeled it in with me holding the the center of the rod.

    Michi's first catch.

    lake chelan 003.jpg

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    Great job! Beautiful granddaughters BTW

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    Fishing with kids ---aargh.

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    Congratulations. Beautiful young ladies also.

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    Thanks. The problem with taking the girls fishing is that the fish aren't the same size and "its not fair" when one kid catches a bigger fish. I tried to explain the way life works but to no avail. We went to get ice cream cones and I told the oldest that her cone was bigger and if that seemed fair. She then quoted one of the things I tell her, "you get what you git so throw a fit". The other kid agreed so I asked them if this works while fishing. The answer was no, we need to go catch a bigger fish. I think they are both hooked.


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