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Thread: Summit Marketing Scam

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    Summit Marketing Scam

    Received a phone call from Summit Marketing and Associates on 9/10/14 asking me if I wanted to list my Timeshare at Grandview Resorts At Las Vegas. They sounded so good over the telephone that we decided to go with them and have them advertise our Timeshare for a one time fee of $1499.00
    With the upcoming boxing match between Mayweather and Pacquio, there are no rooms to be found at all of the Las Vegas hotels. Surely, I expected a call from Summit telling me that there was interest in renting my Las Vegas timeshare. Called Summit Marketing and was informed that my timeshare was dropped because I did not call within 90 days to renew or upgrade my status.
    Went to the Summit Market Home Page and there is absolutely no tab or link for timeshare rentals. Where the heck do they claim to advertiser my time share rental is beyond me?
    Called Summit Market to ask,left a message but they have as this date, they have not returned my call.

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    Why on earth would you pay someone $1499 to rent your timeshare for you?
    Sorry you were taken in by this group, but that's a seriously hefty commission for a rental,
    even if they were really going to rent it, :roll eyes: but now you know they obviously are
    not in the rental business or it would be on their website.

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    Usually these companies take an upfront fee to SELL your timeshare, not rent.

    It does not make any sense to pay a fee like that to rent a timeshare for $700-900 for the week.

    Did you have a signed contract with them??? What does it say?

    Don't know what to suggest to you as this happened in September.



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