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Thread: Bet this story gets more attention than any other timeshare fraud article!

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    Bet this story gets more attention than any other timeshare fraud article!

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    Wow. This paragraph is shocking to read in print but makes so much sense:

    [Krik hired employees from drug rehab centers because “substance-abuse addicts were the best liars in the business because they had lied to family and friends for most of their adult lives,” federal prosecutor Stephen R. Wigginton told CNBC.]

    I once knew a timeshare salesperson for Silverleaf. She felt lucky to have the job because she had a felony possession conviction on her record, now I know why she got hired (at the time I thought the company had a liberal and forgiving hiring policy). it also explains the rampant drug use among the sales staff, including supervisors. Wow.

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    Wow that is incredible. It makes sense now, and really makes me think that there must be abusive behavior among these types of timeshare salespeople. Not saying all TS salespeople are substance abusers, but I can see how they can use the conniving traits of abusers to their advantage to get over on people. Especially the Wastegate types.
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    I just finished a phone conversation with my son concerning his job and what constitutes a good leader. I told him a good leader recognizes his/her weakness and surrounds themselves with others who can fill those weaknesses....all the while making you look better. While this woman's crime was obviously not smart...her execution of it was brilliant.

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    Wow, that is really something. And so sadly makes sense!

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    For awhile we had a high-school age foster daughter who had a network of friends of questionable repute. I found it interesting that several of them worked as telemarketers. I knew those were easy jobs to get, requiring little in the way of qualifications. But at first I was puzzled as to why they stuck with the jobs and apparently were successful when I knew they were among the last people I would trust.

    Then I came to somewhat the same realization. Manipulation for them was as natural as breathing. For many of them, given their chaotic backgrounds, it was actually a survival skill.
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