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Thread: Most Incredible New Years Eve ever! Dec 29, 2014 - Jan 2, 2015 Casa Velas

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    Most Incredible New Years Eve ever! Dec 29, 2014 - Jan 2, 2015 Casa Velas

    What can I say I have stayed at Casa Velas so many times, but this was a first for me to stay over New Years Eve. It was also the first time Casa Velas had a New Years Eve party.
    We arrived on Dec 29, 2014 and were met by Jorge and David the bellboys. At the front desk were Gala, Gonzalo ( new to us), Miguel the Front Desk Manager ( also new to us). We checked in without delay, and as they put on our handwoven AI bracelets with the silver medallion and gave us a drink of our choice, we knew we were home once again. It felt wonderful. Our excitement was very high with the impending holiday.
    We had Room 506, which has had some remodeling done like new plumbing fixtures, lighting, mini bar area etc. We had a plunge pool and the jacuzzi, but I hear that is coming out and a new bathroom is being done. The room was just great for us, nice big roomy bathroom which I love. Comfortable beds, as is a trademark of Velas resorts. Quality linens. Flat screen tv, the list goes on. My favorite room thus far is 519, but 506 is a winner as well.
    We enjoyed lunch at Emiliano after checking in. Sparkling water with lime, or orange, sodas, beer for hubby and his favorite shrimp burrito. I had a salad and some bites of hubby's burrito. Yummy, yummy. The pool area had quite a few people there but yet was quiet and frankly did not seem full capacity though they were. So thus the ambiance of this exquisite resort/hotel is not changed even when full. It remains comfortable and luxurious in every way.
    Later in the day we spent roaming the grounds and hanging out by our plunge pool and unpacking.

    We dined at Emiliano that night. Liliana was the hostess and there were new and old faces amongst the waiters. Bernadino, Juan, Aaron, Rojaleo, to name a few. Something new to us was the special of the night. A dish made just that night, not on menu. It was Flounder Fish. They also had a special drink of the day..It was a Cadillac Margarita which is Grand Marnier, and Don Julio Tequila Margarita. Oh it was yummy. We imbibed on Crab cakes, Artichoke soup with pistachios, Mussels, and Beef Tenderloin. All just wonderful as usual. Very high end quality food with excellent presentation. So once again we had an incredible meal at Casa Velas. Oh almost forgot I had for dessert The Chocolate Universe with Maracuya ( a white chocolate globe, with coloring , opens in middle and is filled with passion fruit filling), delicious and very unique. Pretty too. The presentation of everything is always a surprise. The Creme Brulee as usual was great per my husband.
    Dec. 30 Tuesday we decided room service breakfast was our desire. Julio delivered it and he too is a new person for us with such a nice personality, nice table set up, pleasant. Oh right, the food was just perfect, but we knew it would be, did you?
    After breakfast we headed to pool for some sun. Again a drink of the day special, Miguel's special, actually name of our waiter. It was yummy like a creamsicle. For lunch we ate on our loungers and had lunch delivered by ordering off Aqua Bar menu. The Pacific Wontons were so good, and filled with shrimp. Onion rings, crispy, light batter oh yummy. Rest of day we lounged by pool. Yes we are winding down and enjoying. Love being pampered without intrusive service.
    For dinner once again Emiliano, we have other options to dine over at Velas Vallarta but we prefer Emiliano when possible. Our main waiter was Aaron, and he was just wonderful. Service above par, as it always is with Bernadino. You are called by your name by each and every person you encounter while staying at Casa Velas. Sure does make you feel special. The mussels were so good the night before we had them again. Also partaking of Chicken Breast and Duck, all tender, cooked to perfection. We had Frangelico on the rocks after dinner , along with flaming Cappachino with Rompopei. I noted that the temperature in Emiliano was much more comfortable than my last few visits, A/C lowered so not as cold.
    I did mention all meals at Emiliano's are sit down, prime service right? No buffets.
    Dec 31st, I am going to start the New Year at my home away from home and what I consider to be the best resort in Puerto Vallarta with no children. Nothing more to be said. Well what a surprise the holiday has already started. There are food stations set up with cerviche, Fried tacos, seafood salad, onion rings, potato wedges, chicken wings and so many other goodies. Live music is being played. Alfredo and Miguel were our waiters by pool for drinks. Wow this is impressive and the night has yet to come. We enjoyed the day by the pool.
    Well then the big night was ahead...New Years Eve was approaching...We got dressed for the occasion and started with the lobby bar cocktail party where they had live music, champagne and a table set up with grapes, cheese, fruit, meats etc. Social time was great fun, then we were shuttled over to the Beach Club where the New Years party was to be held on the beach. Oh my, upon entering they had a huge 2015 sign, champagne and strawberries I believe. How exciting, Then down to beach where all the tables were set up, a live bandstand and dance floor and station after station of food. The sand was covered with thatch flooring, hard walking with heels but fun. The dance floor was wood, so perfect. The food stations had so much I cannot recall it all...Duck, lamb, Roast Beef, Potatoes mashed with gravy, lobster tails with melted butter or champagne salsa, shrimp, green beans, salmon, rolled sandwich meats, crackers, salads, and a whole dessert table. Ultimate buffet...they put food on your plate you just pointed, again pampering. There was so much to choose from you had no clue what to eat. They helped you back to your seat with plates and had wait service for drinks. Champagne flowed freely all night. The meal was very good and obviously not a thrown together buffer but a top quality deal.
    Some of the meat I found a tad tough, but then I just got another piece. The lobster, and I do not care for warm water lobster, was delicious. I had a few of those.
    I was just so excited to be here on the beach at Casa Velas beach club ending and starting the New Year. Certainly not something I ever expected to do after what has transpired in the last 5 years. Wow! The band was so much fun..we danced and called folks up with us. We made some great friends. They had the Chinese dragon come out and we enjoyed that, dancing games sort of...pom poms, hats, feathers, noise makers, masks, oh what fun. Lightly put we danced the night away under the stars. Everyone got a Chinese lantern to set off and the sky was lit with lanterns, beautiful. Fireworks from the resort, Velas and around the bay were so neat. I cannot remember a New Years where I had so much fun in so, so many years, like when I was a youngster. I wish I could make it a yearly tradition to start New Years at Casa Velas. It was that much fun. I was over the top impressed. Happy New Year! Welcome 2015.

    Jan. 1, 2015 Yes we slept in very late breakfast. Went to Beach club via shuttle for lunch. Wow totally back to normal. Someone or many, stayed up all night to change this over. Incredible. We were so happy, we had a great night last night, dancing with each other and also friends, having others join us. The New Year started on a perfect note. The Ocean Club's menu is Asian Fusion Cuisine. We had the Crab sandwich and Shrimp Surprise and Tempura vegetables. Also Yakimeshi chicken which was excellent. Daniel was our waiter. It was a beautiful day and we just enjoyed the view , sun and a long lunch. Francisco, manager Ocean Club came over to ask how we liked the food and service and how amazing to see the change. He also offered us a surprise which hubby loves, a huge shrimp cocktail. American style. Our lunch was just great. We talked and reminisced over the last 5 years ( I am a cancer survivior of 5 years), the last year and the coming year. We figure starting it at a place where I absolutely love vacationing would set the tone for the year and so far it has.

    Our dinner at Emiliano this last night once again was delicious. I had Apple Martinis while my husband had Charro Negros. The Portabello mushroom was wonderful. Rib eye very flavorful and tender and the Filet de Res absolutely perfect. Hubby had his favorite dessert again Creme Brullee and I had Chocolate Brownie. Bernadino did a special flambe coffee for us. It was an excellent presentation. A few drinks in lobby bar with Benny and then thoughts of having to leave this paradise. Oh yes and packing..

    Jan 2, 2015 Room service breakfast before our departure along with saying goodbye to everyone. Manuel Oveido, the Directing manager who made it all happen, Dennise Gonzales an incredible chief concierge and community manager, Luis the new concierge, a pleasant young man, Michael the front desk manager. The bellboys of course esp. Jorge. So sad to leave but not leaving Vallarta just going to another resort, so sad but not. Just thought I never did get to spa or gym onsite, oh well next trip. My birthday tradition at Casa Velas.
    Overall this is the Best adults only Hotel/resort in PV. The pampering and service are unparalleled. The food is of the highest quality and caliber along with presentation. All My New Years will start here if possible...the absolute best...there is none to compare. Everyone should have a chance to try Casa Velas once at least in their lifetime. Only problem is then you want to return over and over and over again.
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    Sounds like a wonderful resort.
    Any pictures?

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    Pam, sounds great! BTW, Is this an all inclusive resort?

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    Quote Originally Posted by LisaH View Post
    Pam, sounds great! BTW, Is this an all inclusive resort?
    It is a great resort/boutique hotel. 80 rooms adult only. It can be all inclusive or European, we always do AI, it is that good.
    I am working on the pictures.
    I did put some pictures on Trip Advisor and will put more on Facebook when have time.

    I actually am headed back in 3 weeks for my Birthday happy and excited.
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    Oh I forgot if anyone decides to go, contact me ahead, I have some contacts and can possibly get you better pricing.
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    Wow, that was an enjoyable read ! Good for you !!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by easyrider View Post
    Wow, that was an enjoyable read ! Good for you !!!
    Why thank you easyrider!!!
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    Sounds like a wonderful place and a wonderful trip.
    A great way to start the year.

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    Pam, your vacation just made me smile. I am so happy that you are doing so well. Hugs

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    Quote Originally Posted by shaggy View Post
    Pam, your vacation just made me smile. I am so happy that you are doing so well. Hugs
    Thanks shaggy...I have good and bad days but I am vacationing so I am good.

    Here is a link to a TRIP WOW video of this trip..

    Check it out..and pass it on..enjoy!
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