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Thread: Conundrum

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    With Resort Negotiated Settlement Conferences and Legal Seminars I have been busy, busy for two weeks straight, so I must take my wife out today and spend the weekend work free, but I really love these real world examples of Owners helping Owners. After you clear the title, then you can sell. But you need a bona fide buyer, if you don't have that, you can share it on for free and it may sell if it has value (big caveat), or again if it has value, go to a licensed Broker who will give you a check after it sells (no upfront fees). However, if it has no value, research divestment companies carefully, and ask the community here at Timeshare Forums. You probably want to divest first, without paying any Upfront Fees. Sometimes, rarely, that is available, but be careful if they need thousands of dollars of your money upfront to transfer a timeshare or to sell a timeshare... please see what the FTC says first:

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    I'll check back with you'all next week. Have a wonderful weekend,

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    Have some fun John.

    Dance like you just got rid of a timeshare!

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