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Thread: prime weeks at Stouts Hill on Ebay

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    prime weeks at Stouts Hill on Ebay

    This is not my ad. Just wanted to point it out as there aren't a lot of prime European inventory that you see on Ebay.

    Starting bid $1999 buy it now $2600
    2 weeks in a 2 br weeks 26 and 27 MF $790 per week

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    Thanks for sharing. Tempted but resisting!

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    Looks like a lovely place!

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    Stouts Hill is a great resort. I have been there twice, once in prime season through DAE, and once in off season through RCI. They are also a member-controlled resort, which is a real positive. Decisions are made by a member-elected HOA board, not by a developer, and they have a poison pill in their by-laws to stop anyone from coming in to take control, which is giving each owner only one vote in the HOA, no matter how many weeks they own.

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    wow. I had an august RCI exchange to this resort a while back. We loved the resort and the area.
    These sound like the mews units which are lovely.

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    I had to cancel an exchange there the year DD was getting married....would live to get there some day.

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    Are you sure that the posted maintenance fee is in US dollars? Has that been verifired? I have stayed at this resort numerous times on exchanges and when I checked with the front desk the fees in US dollars were higher then that. It IS indeed a lovely place!


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