This was a short stay girls trip. I had a 2 day compensation certificate due to a not so pleasant experience at the now defunk Dreams PV. We had spent a week in PV before, and then drove to Nuevo. The trip started off on not so firm footing. First we had a hard time finding resort, we were almost right there yet no one could give good directions. You must go down a side road to get to it. Well yes we made it. The lobby area is a mad house, loud and noisy. Bellboys were great as was valet parking. Check in was quick and we were given a room as requested with 2 beds since a girls trip not couple.

Next a bad turn again as on my comp. certificate were 2 swedish massages, paperwork in myself and husbands name. When I made reservations I mentioned that and was not an issue. Well it was an issue, first it was cannot do that, only you and your husband. Husband in USA. Then after much ado from me, what did it matter husband or my friend. Okay maybe a shortened massage, like split, per my suggestion. That was agreed to. Our room was not ready so we got the massages right away and lo and behold they gave us the full time anyway, thanks to Horacio Flores.

Thinks are looking better now. Spa area is very nice, we sat had something to drink while waiting, never did use the spa facilities afterwards due to lack of time. Our massages were good and the staff was great. Felt much more relaxed by the time our room was ready.

We got into our room around 4:30, it was close to elevator which I thought might be a problem but was not. It was a tropical jr. suite room. I believe 2501. They give you a welcome packet and daily a schedule of activities. Strangely you had to cross road between resort to get to elevator and that tower. I can see potential issue with an accident and pedestrian with this. The room has a secret door they call it, a small cabinet like opening for anything you ask for if do not disturb sign is on, or for room service dishes etc.
The room just goes straight with bathroom area to left, and closet and mini frig., safe to left. The mini frig. is stocked with soda, water, juice, mini beers. There is a coffee maker. Plenty of closet space. Plenty of shelf space. TV is small for room, but works. Sliders onto small balcony with small for 2 table and chairs. View of mountains is fine. Towels in short supply , had to call for them each day after maid left, and linens were just fine as were amenities like soap, shampoo, sewing kit. The beds were comfortable but the pillows the worst I have had in Mexico. I was so longing for my pillow. You are allowed FREE USA & Canada calls. The room was fine for a studio except the bathroom area. There is a soaking tub, but it is not closed off from bed area. The toilet has a glass frosted door, which can be seem thru and the shower is very visible to see thru. Thankfully we realized this as I was in shower when room service came and my friend said wrap towel around you. So a definite layout issue. ( would not have been as big an issue if it were just my husband and myself). Plenty of hot water, facecloths only one out of two days. Two sinks and a mirror and also a magnifying mirror. I love those but the placement of this one was poor, so as you had to lean over soaking tub to use it. Sadly there were tiny ants every day and night in sink vanity area. The real tiny ones that get on you and drive you crazy.
They also provided free Wifi, but not secure and also very, very slow and unreliable. Better than nothing though.

We did order only once room service a snack and wanted also a cocktail but we were told no alcohol allowed to room via room service. That did not please us.

The atmosphere is a bit chaotic, no one seems to know what is going on, such confusion. Times for store on site were wrong, so never did get to check that out.
The pool area is stark, not much foliage, not lush and inviting. Very few loungers, but the ones they have are of good quality. Can only imagine that in high season. There were a few pools, hot tub adults only not enforced. Beach is nice with lots of palapas , but only drink service no food, so no snacks etc. Have to walk all the way back for that. A definite negative.

The Gohan Roof top lounge was nice. No Don Julio tequila though, so not top shelf alcohol. The staff at the lounge were just so so. Not to friendly and we sat at bar and were reached over etc. Stacked up glasses and dishes on end ..dirty, so not appealing.

We had lunch one day in World Cafe. The servers were attentive and friendly. It is a buffet. I found it limited. The only fish since that was mentioned before I went was fish in a sauce and sarami. No shrimp or anything else. No cerviche. No other fish foods. What I had was good but again choices limited.

We had one dinner at El Patio. It is Mexican fare on second floor and no one at bottom scheduling guests to dine. It was packed and our wait was over 45 minutes...with what seemed to be chaos. Everyone cutting each other etc.
We finally got in and the waiters were fine but you could tell they were overwhelmed. We had snails which were just okay. The poblano soup was very good. Osso Bucco was tender and good. The Frida Kahlo Chili was not good at all. I do not suggest it. The Creme Brulee and Litchi was just okay and presentation was very blah. Chocolate mousse with ice cream was fine. Personally this would not be my choice of a restaurant, fare was just okay.

The other dinner we had was at Portofino. Nice atmosphere. Manned well, No children. Our waiter was Jose and he was good. We started with eggplant which was mostly breading or batter. Mussels were okay but very chewy. Crab cakes and salad just okay. Next Asparagus soup very tasty. WE had martinis here and they were good, but not great. Maybe the alcohol or lack of different types, etc. I had the lasagna which was okay but a bit overcooked so kind of mushy, I am okay with that. My friend had Filet Mignon which to our surprise was very good. Tender and flavorful.
For dessert we had Nesuvio de chocolate which is like Lava cake which was excellent. Also Profiterole which is a puff pastry with ice cream no raves there. We wanted flaming coffee but were told no they do not do that. Disappointing.

Overall our stay was pleasant. The food is lacking for sure for the prices, though they have a variety of restaurants. No bracelets needed so not sure n that as anyone could just come in from beach or street. No reservations at restaurants, good if you are going out a lot, but I can imagine long waits in high season. I prefer having a reservation, just my take.

The atmosphere throughout is a bit chaotic so you can feel that. Good for a party vacation but for relaxing maybe not so much so.
This is an average resort with a big name. If I was given a good deal maybe I would return otherwise it is not a repeat place for me. The beach is really great there though I have to admit. I am glad I went and we did have a nice but short time.
Staff on the whole were very helpful and friendly.