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Thread: Nov 15-22, 2014 Velas Vallarta Girls Fun Trip

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    Nov 15-22, 2014 Velas Vallarta Girls Fun Trip

    Took my best friend to Velas Vallarta for a week. What fun we had. We had room 3817. Bldg. 3, 8th floor, Villa Plus one bedroom. Same layout as usual with a few differences.
    The 8th floor has an actual cupola over the dining room table, nice.
    The couch was not the built in L shaped couch, but a pull out couch. Gives a bit more space but I do prefer the built in better.
    Kitchen was fresh, everything worked well. Our magnifier mirror light went out during trip and they replaced immediately. We had the roll in bed brought in for my friend. She said it was very, very comfortable. Originally she was a bit worried but nope it was perfect.
    The grounds as usual were lovely. Pools great and beach just fine.
    We each had aromatherapy massages which were great and I also had a pedicure by Linda which was excellent.
    We ate at La Ribera some days, Andrea others inside and out, and Alejandra as well. We were quite entertained by some magic tricks done by Efren in Andrea Restaurant. We were even serenaded by the Mariachis while dining at Andrea.
    The food and drinks as usual were great.
    We also dined one night at Grand Velas Piaf restaurant, incredible as expected. Another night at Casa Velas, once again impressive.

    We went into town shopped at Curvas Peligrosas for bathing suits, love that store. Shopping and sightseeing. Bought chocolate at Grand Luxxe while visiting a friend, and also downtown and ice cream at Lix. We had a great time.
    My friend really enjoyed her stay and being a native New Yorker she is a foodie and loved it all at Velas. We moved to another resort for 2 final days before returning home and my friend wanted to go back to Velas. Guess I will have to do another girls trip to Velas soon.

    No complaints other than the music in Andrea restaurant can be a tad loud for dining music at times and depending on where you sit. Alejandra restaurant which is only open when high capacity was great. Dining and dancing, if you chose.
    The resort continues to be well kept, maintained and service is wonderful with incredible food and drinks.
    We sadly missed turtle hatching, they just did not cooperate, maybe next time. Once again I was not disappointed with y stay at Velas Vallarta. I do so love the marina area as well.
    Timeshare Addict - Mexico Travel Abounds - Happy Vacations!!

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    sounds lovely! get some photos up, we've only had half the story


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