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Thread: Things to do in New Orleans

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    Quote Originally Posted by grest View Post
    Frank, what is the price of limo vs cab from airport to French Quarter?

    A cab is about $40 to $50 RT, My guy Limo $50 to $60 RT, But sometimes he can not use the limo for the Airport so he may use a nice big SUV
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    Quote Originally Posted by LisaH View Post
    I agree, especially for the first trip, but my favorite is at JW Marriott on Canel (a bit less crazy but have good access to the French Quarter or the Hilton Riverside (on the river bank, a few blocks from FQ, close to Cafe Du Monde).
    We have also stayed here, it's an excellent location. Canal is on the FQ border so you can walk to everything, but it does lack the charm of the inner quarter. Also lacks the crazy, so not a bad trade-off . The 'regular' Marriott is fine too, but older, just a block down. Personally, I would not want to stay away from the FQ. You can take day trips to anywhere else you want to go, but getting to/from the FQ at night for dinner, etc would be a pain from another district.

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    Any updates? Taking my 22 year old grandson the first part of December.

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    Quote Originally Posted by riverdees05 View Post
    Any updates? Taking my 22 year old grandson the first part of December.
    Nothing lately. New Orleans doesn't change much. I tried a few new restaurants on my last trip there, about 8 months ago, but none of them were any better than those I've already listed.

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    The Spotted Cat Music Club on Frenchmen. Great live music.
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    Speaking of Cochon ... for anyone going to Williamsburg VA, the newest/best restaurant in town is !

    Quote Originally Posted by bigfrank View Post
    Eric look here first. If you need a Limo I can get you a great deal which includes RT airport. A few new hot restaurants, be sure to pick up some meat from the butcher shop next door if you go. The meats are smoked but Bring a cooler for the flight but it is not a needed. There Sausages and Hot dogs were great My son like the smoked Duck.
    If the haunted house at the mortuary is still open go for it. The best I have ever seen.
    BTW QH gives you free breakfast on the weekends and Monday
    Quote Originally Posted by Hoc View Post
    I do have Cochon listed in my list of things to do in NOLA. Have not updated it recently, because everything's still pretty much the same.
    WORLD WAR II Museum
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