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Thread: Mountainloft in Gatlinburg, TN

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    Mountainloft in Gatlinburg, TN

    Just got back last night after a great weekend (mostly). We are owners and have been to ML several times with no issues. Not this time!!
    To begin with, we registered, went to get our parking pass and the gal there was trying to get us to do our "owner update" - Nope!! She offered a FREE 7day, 7night vacation with an $80 Visa gift card, anywhere in the U.S. to our friends if they would sit in on a 2 hour presentation. She was really friendly until we/they told her no. She then turned automatically cold and really didn't want anything else to do with us. All they gave us, were directions to our room...nothing else.

    Next we get to our room - Bldg 11. The outside door opened no problem, but the doors to our rooms did not.....had to go back down to the office, got new keys. In the meantime, housekeeping came by and let us in with their key. We also were locked out of our room / front door this time on Saturday night....dh was on his way to office when we FINALLY got it to work.

    Inside, both rooms were worn down. In room "B" the shower curtain had mold or was really dirty at the bottom. We asked for a new shower curtain and they didn't bring it, until we called again on Saturday night - about 15 hours later.

    In room "A" (our room), the fireplace did not work. There was a bug on a Dixie cup I had left in there. Just NASTY!!

    Both rooms smelled very musty.... opened doors and that pretty much took care of it, but had it been colder would not have been able to do that.

    At night..the lights to the sign at the entrance, were off on one side, making us almost miss it. Also the fountain at the entrance was not on... We said something to guard but he didn't seem to care.

    When we check out, dh told the manager all of this and seemed like he did not even care. We were very disappointed in BLUEGREEN/MOUNTAINLOFT. We brought friends and were embarrassed by some of it. If they had wanted to buy into it, there is no way they would have.

    I also saw prints/patterns etc for the remodel but heard it hasn't started yet...what's up with that. It is WAY OVER DUE!!

    Rant over!

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    Thank you for the warning. I am treating my sister to a week in Gatlinburg this summer and I sure won't put her there.

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    Sadly, this confirms some rumors I had picked up that Mountainloft is slipping. We really enjoyed it the one time we stayed there, but that was... 2009? A while ago.


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