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Thread: AMZN huge drop after earnings

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    AMZN huge drop after earnings

    Amazon reported it's worse quarter and shed 11% off yesterday's closing price. Some of the downgrades are shown:
    Amazon share price target cut to $296 from $350 at B. Riley
    Amazon share price target cut to $435 from $460 at Pacific Crest
    Amazon share price target cut to $365 from $400 at Cantor Fitzgerald
    Amazon share price target cut to $370 from $390 at Susquehanna

    I have an iron condor on with the expiration today. The top end will be full profit, but my short put is 275. With the stock trading about $280 pre-market, I am worried, but not panicking.
    However, I am thinking that probably Monday, it may be worth dipping into the stock. There is still a lot of volatility with this earning season that could bring the stock lower, so if I dip in, it will be small.

    But for now, please AMZN, stay over 275 today.

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    Now that is a Buy You think it might hit $250 it is at $289 right now..

    A safer bet with a Div

    F is down , I bought it when it was $2 it had hit $20 and sold off last year. it came close to $20 recently until another selloff. It is down today 60 cents to $13.80. it pays a nice Div
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    Good Luck !!!

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    Closed it out! The options price dropped enough on the credit spread that I was able to close it out with a nice profit. I like iron condors but trading them on extreme moves give my stomach a little extra churning. In this case, I held this for 2 days and made a nice profit.

    I will look at putting some type of bullish spread on this next week. I just want to see how early next week moves the stocks. Who knows, maybe I will go bearish instead. Time will tell.

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    I did a GMCR earnings trade last week. Nice short term (2 day trade) profit on that. But I also put on a longer put credit spread so as the stock rises, I will collect my profit. I will probably close out at 50% of target and move onto another trade.

    My bullish put credit spreads in oil have done well for me too. Making money in oil is like driving for free.

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    Amazon reported it's worse month and shed 14% off yesterday's closing price.


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