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Thread: A few highlights of our trip to Kauai

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    Cool A few highlights of our trip to Kauai

    Waimea Canyon is a must see and you can drive there yourself. The weather keeps changing constantly so it is hard to tell if it will be clear in the Canyon or not.

    It was raining so hard when we left our resort but we decided to drive up anyway because the forecast was good for that day and, by the time we arrived at the Canyon, it was nice and clear so were glad that we went. It is a long way to go a second time around. We tried Princeville twice, the wet side of the Island, but got rained out and had to go back. The road was flooded in Hanalei Bay and the traffic was very congested and standing still at the one-way bridge.

    There is a waterfall in this picture but you can hardly see it.

    From the look-out point.

    We took the sunset sailing tour with the Northern Star (Capt. Andy's) and it was spectacular and we lucked out with a beautiful day. Here is just one picture to give you an idea but I am still uploading them to Smugmug and will give a link later.

    Looking up to the Kalalau Lookout Point from the Catamaran.

    If you are planning to take a tour or tours, I recommend that you do it right away so you can try again if they get cancelled because of the weather. Also, the tours get booked up really fast and the same for making reservations at popular restaurants.

    We only took two tours and can't tell you which one we enjoyed most but the helicopter ride, without doors, was an experience that I will never forget as I sat on the outside. You are strapped in twice but you are warned to keep your arms and legs inside or you will break them and your camera too. They put a strap on mine and it was needed because I went too far out once and there it went but the strap saved it. I have no pictures because I only took movie clips but it was very bumpy and too fast for my old iPhone so the movie clips are very disappointing but a single frame may make a decent picture so will try later. We flew over numerous waterfalls and he made a turn so all four of us could see it very well.

    Our pilot loved to make that helicopter fly like a bird and used the uplifts to his advantage. He was a natural and so relaxed. His name was Harry. An amazing experience.

    I recommend taking the tours rather than eating out very expensively that you can do at home, IMO. Our condo looked out over Duke's to our right so we ate there three times as we prefer to walk than to drive to a restaurant. It is a fun restaurant and decent food with a very nice salad bar before the main course and not too expensive as most of them are about that price.

    We loved the Kauai Beach Club and lucked out with a 1 BR oceanfront condo so had a great view. This was an II exchange and we had five nights at the Kauai Lagoons in a 3 BR condo with an ocean view but it was so hot and humid that week that we could not use the big Lanai unless it was before sunrise and after dark. We much prefer the spring time in March and April plus the whales are there.

    I will post a link later of some of our other pictures as I am still uploading them. We love Hawaii and Kauai is very nice and so rural still but we love all the islands and have no favorite. There was thunder and lightening and then rainbows after when the sun came out again. I want to go back already.

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    Emmy, your photos make all of us want to go back! You've really captured the beauty of Kauai.


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