Dear Timeshare Owners/ts4ms Members,

In my years of consumer timeshare cancellation matters, including a 100% divestment record in Mexico, and in over 2175 successful divestment cases, I have never run into such Recalcitrance, but then again I had never crossed paths with Vallarta Gardens until recently. We have a plethora to report from our particular matter (to come); but, we need corroboration to go to the Media Liaisons and blow this one up. We also would like to know if this is isolated or if if it would be advisable to send some three letter agency retired Surveillance Junkies down to get on-point video footage. From the two Attorneys who knew of them, they had little experience, but what they had was negative.

What we really could use is consumer reports information, by anyone who has had direct dealings with Vallarta Gardens. Please share your story, it could prove to be very useful information. And if you did deal directly with Vallarta Gardens, were the sales practices acceptable, or high pressure and involving Fraudulent schemes? Transparent information from real consumers can provide corroboration through independent sources that is needed. If that is you... we thank you in advance for assisting.

If you need to reveal certain insights in confidence, just post that you'll be contacting by email or telephone to speak to a Consumer Attorney that is gathering such information for the Firm.

John Abrams
Consumer Protection Attorney
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