Marina Grand Resort in Mazatlan in a nice looking small condo located at Avendia La Marina #2204 Marina Mazatlan which was previously known as Bel Air. The units are all 3 bedroom, two bath and fully equipped. A nice woman on the street (“Nerry”) convinced my friend and me to attend a presentation. The salesperson was Alex Diaz, a charming and well-spoken fellow who originally presented the deal as fractional ownership and then amended it to a “right of use” arrangement. My deal was to have the right to use a unit for 80 weeks with no cost for the first 20 weeks and then at a cost of $399 per month. I would be able to use up to 24 weeks a year and be able to book 18 months in advance. Wonderful, I thought. I could get away from the winter. I could invite my family and friends to come and spend some time with me at no cost. I was delighted and happily paid them $6950 US on my credit card and another $349 USD in cash.
They were to send me some outstanding information and passwords when I got home. I was given Alex’s personal e-mail if the additional information didn’t arrive.
The information never arrived. Neither Alex nor Tony Lopez responded to any e-mails. At this point I became concerned I’d been taken and tried to make a reservation…repeatedly. Despite going through the contacts at the condo and through a website I found for them, (, I was unable to get a confirmed reservation and realized I’d been scammed.
I was fortunate enough to be able to show Visa that I was not going to be provided with the services I’d purchased and the credit card charge was reversed. When it came out of Marina Grand’s bank account, Tony called repeatedly (as “Tony” never left a last name, I’m assuming it was Tony Lopez, the a name on the paperwork I received from them or Tony Alvarado, whose name appears in other complaints). I did not return any of the calls which for your information, show as coming from Arizona on call display.
It might help to know that their paperwork says the contract is final and cannot be cancelled. That is against Mexican law. Contracts can be cancelled and all monies returned if you cancel within the first 5 days.
My payment was split in two for reasons unknown to myself with the payment going to the Garden Lounge Restaurant, not Marina Grand Resort. I believe that restaurant may be related to the Restaurant El Jardin in the Plaza Machado. (Alex & “his wife” bought us dinner there when he then took my friend for $349 USD for 4 weeks of use at the condo at no charge. (The certificates were in Spanish and Alex promised to send her the English version which we presumed would tell her how to make the booking. No surprise, despite repeated requests, no English versions were forthcoming. In my books, that wasn’t even a con – it was out and out theft!)
Marina Grand Resort claims to be part of Signature Residences Club which if you google, you will find nothing but negative reports on them. (Don’t confuse Signature Residences Club with Signature Vacation which is a very credible company.)
So the names to know are:
Tony Lopez, Director Pacific Division (who according to Alex Diaz, is the owner of the condo).
Viridiana Morales, 669–913-1053,
Alex Diaz, the sales person, 669-933-0008, whose photo can be found (5th down) at