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Thread: 46 RCI TPU for $500 MF - SoCal Studio - summer 2015 week has been reserved

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    46 RCI TPU for $500 MF - SoCal Studio - summer 2015 week has been reserved

    The details:


    Studio at the Blue Whale Resort, Oceanside California.
    Right on the beach, sleeps 2.
    Week 1 to 52 float owned.
    Maintenance fee is $501 per year - billed quarterly.

    BEST PART - use will start in 2015 and a reservation has been made for July 24th, 2015, checkin. Using the RCI points calculator, that can generate 46 RCI TPUs - that's under $11 per TPU.

    All mantenance fees paid for 2014, your use and maintenance fees will be for 2015, with the summer week already reserved for you.

    I will pay for title transfer using LT Transfers or a similar company.

    This is a great opportunity to get a tiger RCI trader, it routinely gets over 40 TPUs for summer weeks at a very nominal maintenance fee.

    I am in the process of giving my three timeshares away. Greg and I have loved our timeshare travels and I have been a member here and OY for a long time and learned so much. But his health issues make it pretty obvious that we will not be travelling as we have in the past.

    Feel free to drop me a P.M.and watch for my other timeshares.

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    I am sorry about your change of circumstance and wish you and DH the best going forward.

    Thanks for posting your freebie here.

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    Pretty good deal for the TPU's/MF ratio.
    Sorry to hear about hubby but hope things turn around soon for you both soon.

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    Sorry for your health troubles. Wishing that things improve soon.
    I hope one of our members can take you up on this generous offer!

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    This timeshare has been spoken for.

    Thanks much.

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    Hope things get better for you soon


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