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Thread: Melia Timeshare Scam

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    Melia Timeshare Scam

    I visited the Dominican Republic with my family in 2011 and stayed at Melia. I must say that the resort is very beautiful except for the cannibalistic army of mosquitoes that devoured our feet. Additionally, we had a very unpleasant experience. We signed to become a member of their timeshare. That was a big mistake. A timeshare story of deception, fabricated by a Vacation Club staff referred as a Melia scam. Salesman, Bernard Seid lies to us repeatedly. At the end, even when we did not sue the timeshare and cancel it by stopping paying for it, we lost $7500. I urged every tourist to be very careful when visiting these Dominican Republic resorts; their scam stories are becoming more and more known to the world.

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    Hello and

    I have started a separate thread with your complaint....sorry about your experience.

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    Sorry to hear of this ..I do not know anythng about Melia Timeshare...but there is a very large hotel group in Spain and across Europe with the same name. I wonder if they are connected ?

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    My guess is that they are, along with some in Mexico as well.

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    I agree with you tonyg Mexico is well known country

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