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Thread: Recent Visit to the Glade

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    Recent Visit to the Glade

    As a long time owner with Fairfield/Wyndham I had to review our recent stay at Fairfield Glade with my family. We decided to spend a relaxing Easter weekend in a four bedroom presidential and it is by far the nicest presidential we have stayed in. We have been guests of four bedrooms at National Harbor, Bonnet Creek, Las Vegas, Smoky Mountains, and Myrtle Beach and all of the condos were nice but not quite as nice as the four bedrooms at Fairfield Glade. The décor is beautiful especially the gold and purple walls in the main living areas and the master suite has a luxurious Jacuzzi tub. Body sprays are in the two master suite showers. As my family and I normally enjoy urban areas we were pleasantly surprised to stay in a very glamorous condo, so nice I wanted to live there just for the spacious and stylish layout and décor.

    We also enjoyed the amenities center. They gave us a card at check-in for access to the pool. After our first visit they remembered us and did not ask for our cards again. We visited the the Stonehouse and Chestnut Hill wineries, Chestnut Hill gave us the entire tasting tour while Stonehouse required you ask for a particular wine to try. The Simonington Cheese store is fun. They provide a lot of free tasting stations for their cheese, salsas, dips and sauces. The local outlet is nice. We especially like the VF store. Lots of nice bargains.

    Just a note on the "owner update" or whatever they call it now. They wanted us to come for a lunch and a training session. They gave us a list of topics we could explore with the Wyndham "expert". At this stage I believe we know enough to work the system without having to endure their sales pitch. We did not attend the session so cannot comment on it but from the discussions on this and other boards and comments overheard at the pool they eventually pair you off with sale people that try to sell you on Pathways or some other program you must have or you will be left behind. We are plenty happy with out current ownership and have no plans to upgrade either by developer or resale purchase.


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    We're going to the Glade for Christmas; my parents used to live there and we've all missed it since they moved. Hadn't gotten to Simonton's Cheese Store before, thanks for the tip!

    Probably won't be staying Wyndham at Christmas but it's good to know you were satisfied should we decide to try to get out there sometime in the future. Our only experience with Wyndham is Wyndham Nashville; liked the resort and unit, less enthused about the guys who checked us in and the sales crew.

    Thanks for your review.

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    when we were teaching, we took our spring break there every year. enjoyed the golf and the area so much.


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