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Thread: Driving in Ireland question

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    OK, my husband is not a timid driver and says he's willing to drive in Ireland. Is this a good idea for someone who has never driven on "the other side of car & road"?


    Mostly traveler,continuing to drive as they get older is important as it helps them stay active in their communities and access essential services. However, as traveler looking for particular driving risks to be aware of.
    A)Changes in eyesight
    B)Health issues
    C)Medication side effects
    D)Uncertainty on busy roads and junctions
    E)Decline in physical strength

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    Good advice above ....driving in Ireland has improved considerably over the last 10 years . All major ciires are now joined by motorways (highways ) some tolled . Side roads need careful consideration ...but that's the same in all countries . Road markings and signposting is to international standards (blue on highways /green on main roads )
    He should be fine ...enjoy !!

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    Two suggestions for driving in Ireland:
    1. if, as you study the map, it looks like it should take 2 hours to drive it, figure it will take 4, and then add a bit.
    2. consider taking your own GPS with a chip for Ireland with you. We found the people incredibly eager to help----but none of them knew what was beyond 6 blocks from their homes or places of work. The last time, we bought a great book of maps and took them with us, but having used the GPS chip in Spain, I've converted: it knew EVERYTHING. It took us to tiny little streets in tiny little towns with narry a miss anywhere.
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    GPS is always good for foreign countries, we use it for Spain ...but 4 hours seems very extreme As mentioned we have a good network now . Dublin /Galway , Cork /Dublin , for example are less that 3 hours at normal speeds

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    I simply meant that even on the good roads, driving in Ireland is slower than Americans are used to. What is it from Dublin to Cork? 150 miles? I always plan for more time there; then if it's better than I expected, I'm pleased--definitely preferable, for me, than being annoyed because it took longer than I expected.
    "You cannot legislate the poor into prosperity by legislating the wealthy out of prosperity." Adrian Rogers

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