Today's eamil:

Dear Morritt's Owner,

Following is important information regarding the Morritt's website ( and the Ownership Exit Program.

Morritt's Website

The Morritt's Website now has an operational "Owners" link which provides each owner with details concerning transactions in their account, including payments and reservations status. The link also allows owners to make credit card payments directly to their account and provides a history of all account transactions.

To access your account:

  1. Click the "Owners" button
  2. Enter your Owner Number as the login ID
  3. Your password is the first 4 letters of your last name CAPITALIZED plus "123!"added after the first four letters. Example: Smith = SMIT123!
  4. Once you have entered your account, click on your name and change your password.
  5. Update your owner contact information

Ownership Exit Program

Additional information about the Exit Program can be found by clicking the "News" button on the Morritt's website.

Thank you,

The Staff and Management of Morritt's
Link to Exit Info
Looks like they intend to slowly 'take back' probably at the same rate they are selling. Just sayin'