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These corporate portals that allow you to book in RCI points are not true RCI points accounts.
Do you see the exchanges in BG currency or RCI points currency?
If it's BG currency then I don't believe you can combine it with a regular RCI points ownership.
These developer accounts see both points and weeks inventory if you purchase retail or own HGVC.
With Wyndham you won't see the RCI points inventory with a resale purchase.
I have booked RCI points inventory with my HGVC account but cannot combine it with my personal RCI points account.

If you want cheaper access to RCI points inventory than you would get with using your BG points you may want to consider
taking on a triennial unit at Grandview or the Vacation Village resorts. Those work out to about a penny or point or even less if you pay a little for the better ownerships.
With that and your new CMV UDI you can do PFD and pay a $26 per deposit fee to convert it to PFD.
There is a fee to save your points if you don't use them and don't pay for an exchange every year.
I believe it's on a sliding scale depending on how many points you are saving.
I get around that by just doing an exchange so I'm not saving points.
Exchange fees are cheaper in points but some resorts now charge housekeeping fees.
You also have the RCI membership fee every year.

RCI points inventory varies a little from weeks inventory.
There are some resorts that seem to only deposit to RCI points like the HGVC's in NYC.
I've also noticed that many times the bigger units are available in points vs weeks.
With CMV you can do 4 PFD per year.
Thanks for all the info, but I really do not want RCI Points as I can access thru the Bluegreen Portal- just looking at all the options...and it seems I do not have one unless I open up an additional account.
Not interested.