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    Has anyone used Novasol for rentals in Europe ? I just found the website and it looks like Novasol is part of Wyndham Vacation Rentals.


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    Hi, yes I have. There are No.1 in Central Europe (as Germany) and Scandinavia, it is originaly a Danish Company. Last year, my Brother rented a house in Croatia and was very satisfied so we are doing the samt this summer. If you are looking for a full house in Croatia or the other countries on the Adria you will find no other company offering so many different opportunities. And yes, they are now a part of Wyndham Vacation Rentals but there is no connection with other Wyndham products or any discount if you are somewhere else (so no RCI, Clubpoints Rewards-points etc.) And... and that is very important, we rented the house via our travel agency and not directly from the website because it was cheaper thru them.


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