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Thread: How to transfer my time share to new private buyer?

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    Post How to transfer my time share to new private buyer?

    Hi, I am thinking of selling my current Grand Solmar Land's End time share to another private owner. Any suggestion is greatly appreciated.

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    I've used this company and they are pretty reasonable.

    They have all the forms you need and they will email them for you.
    I think they charge around $150.

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    Thank you! I'll looking into it.

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    Congrats on your sale! This is a Mexican timeshare.. The resort handles the entire transfer process. Simply call the phone number on your last m. fee bill and ask for details. There will be a transfer fee to be paid to the resort, and normally it requires a notarized letter of transfer and acceptance from both buyer and seller which is often a form letter or certificate from the developer. You won't need a separate closing agency unless you want escrow service or estoppels services.
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