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    Im down to one Eaglecrest. Its an eoy odd year 2 bed unit. Since Wyndham took over as developer for Worldmark, Eaglecrest doesn't trade as well as it used to in the WM system. Im estimating that it costs about 9 to 10 cents a point by the time all the fees are paid to convert this into Worldmark points. When I first started buying Eaglecrest I was getting 10,000 points for about $29 + mf of $580. So the points were only costing just a bit over 6 cents a point.

    Recently I placed an Eaglecrest unit into SFX. Hopefully this will pan out.

    In the past it was usually placed directly into the WM system and in recent years into RCI then Worldmark.


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    I hope you had a great time


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