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Thread: Three days in Paris - MUST DOs, not necessarily touristy... ???

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    We took the newest Zagat with us and had fun selecting and checking out food stops. With the guide, we had clues as to what might be our kind of thing, and it was easy to check them out as we were "out and about" doing other things.

    I would also add St. Chap. ONLY if the sun is shining. If it is, the stained glass is truly amazing; if it isn't, not so much.

    For us, the Holocaust Memorial is not to be missed; I think of it often. Not many people go, or even know it exists. It's out on the point behind Notre Dame. You'll see steps going down and no real clue what they go to. At the bottom of the stairs you'll find the memorial--very closed in, "halls" for looking down with a single candle at the end. The feeling it evokes is powerful. It takes zero time to visit; you can only stand it for a limited time, and you'll probably be alone.
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    But what a way to go ...

    Quote Originally Posted by happymum View Post
    Warning - do not make the mistake of ordering a chocolate desert to go with the hot chocolate. I nearly blacked out.

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    Also be prepared for an extremely expensive food. French food is good and all, but at 16 Euro for the really small dish (and I mean really really small), locals flock to McDonalds which has (previously frozen) BigMac for 6.50 Euro, and looks like it is doing extremely well. Most local restaurants there look more like an extortion scheme forcing you to pay 16 Euros per dish over and over again until satisfied.

    During the trip I kept thinking about burrito and In-n-Out Burger, both have no close equivalents in France.

    Chinese restaurants there are quite ubiquitous, but they also adopted this small-n-expensive dish scheme. They are also mostly run by Vietnamese, and don't really cook Chinese food well.
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    Quote Originally Posted by jerrry94087 View Post
    During the trip I kept thinking about burrito and In-n-Out Burger, both have no close equivalents in France.
    Thank goodness!

  5. #15 loved this little cruise at night from near the Pont Neuf....- boarded at 9:30 PM, was at the Eiffel Tower just as it was lighting up, early June.

    Rodin Museum - LOVED the gardens, some of his best sculptures are outside, and the gardens are lovely... did not have time to get into the museum but did not feel cheated in any way.
    Loved the market streets of Rue Mouffetard and Rue Monge. While walking back through that quarter, you might stumble on
    important Roman ruins, with kids playing soccer inside, which adds to the fun:

    I could walk all day, and have,and never tire of the passing parade of people and streets........

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    Quote Originally Posted by Glitter Brunello View Post
    Versailles is out - no day trips this time. But the rest sound great, thanks!!! Love small museums and neighborhood walkabouts. And yes, Happymum, I expected nothing less, and by all means, people, food suggestions are absolutely welcome!

    Carol, is the cooking class in English? I am considering brushing up on my french before this trip but not sure I'll actually do it.
    Yes the classes are in English, they even have one chef from Texas apparently so they speak American too. People from all over the world attend.

    There are a lot of different companies running classes, some include a market trip to purchase the ingredients first.
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    Quote Originally Posted by CarolF View Post
    Yes the classes are in English, they even have one chef from Texas apparently so they speak American too. People from all over the world attend.
    That could be right up Glitters alley.

    Are u doing hotel or TS?
    I feel bad it is only 3 days....remember your week in Barcelona?

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    Quote Originally Posted by catwgirl View Post
    Have you been to Versailles?
    Must do and start early wear walking shoes this place is HUGE Also Disney is easy to get to and where else can you see Micky in France. There was a French Disney website that offers discounts but you will need to read French, I was getting French emails for years until I finally hit the right button to stop there emails
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    I second Angelina's. I will order Mont Blanc to go with the hot chocolate

    Quote Originally Posted by happymum View Post
    LOVE the hot chocolate at Angelina's

    You knew I would have to add a food thing, didn't you?

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    Liked the Jewish History Museum, and the Natural History Museum as well.

    Also found excellent and really varied classical music concerts to attend almost every evening for a week - a couple booked in advance, but some after we arrived just from reading posters etc., in beautiful venues we might not have seen otherwise. We don't normally go to classical concerts at home, but it was something about being there...

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