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    I own at Celebration World Resort. The resort has been taken over by another management company who have devalued our annual points allocation from 106,000 to 41,000.

    I have submitted an official complaint to the Florida authorities, but there response was the previous company over valued the points.

    As far as I can see this is a breach of contract as I have a clear contract providing the stated points annually. We would not have purchased if we were aware of the current low trading power.

    Can anyone please advise me, we live in the UK.

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    Celebration has been a problem for several years in one way or another. You should look over the contract for fine print about points. In that you live in the UK, you might just offer a deed back to the company, telling them if they don't take it back, you will stop paying.

    check this site out: http://thetimesharecrusader.blogspot...stiva-and.html

    and this:

    and a class action suit:


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