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Thread: He is done!

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    Wow - congratulations - how wonderful!
    I remember when he was graduating High School. How time flies!

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    Excellent! You must be so happy!!

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    Congratulations to the graduate, and the proud parents.

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    Wow, seems like just yesterday he was leaving. So glad that all worked out well for him!

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    congratulations! how exciting!

    You raised a wonderful son - I wish him much success!


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    Good for you Frank.
    How exciting.

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    Yes as others said, where have the past 4 years flown? Congrats to your son for doing his job well, and congrats to the proud parents!!

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    Congrats Frank, to you & your son!! So happy to hear that he has a job all set up. That's terrific!

    If you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.

    BTW, I'm still keeping track of how many times you annoy me.

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    His job sounds like a great deal, and it's great he could find something so close to home. Congratulations!

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    Frank, I know you are so proud of him. It seems just like yesterday he was going of to college.

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